Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, everyone is welcome.

All original titles should be at the auction before auction day. The registration should be current or on a current non-op status. The seller should be listed on the front of the title, or bill of sale(s) to follow the chain of ownership. We can help you resolve any title issues.

The original title does not need to be signed. The consignment agreement gives us power of attorney to sign the title on your behalf.

The term “Tax Free Exchange” is a reference to Internal Revenue Code 1031. This allows taxpayers to replace equipment and/or vehicles with similar pieces, in what is referred to as a “Like Kind Exchange”, without paying federal income tax on the transaction. Certain criteria need to be meet, please check with our sales representatives for details. A “Reverse Exchange” is a possibility, if you’ve already purchased the replacement pieces.

Typically, the process should be completed within 5-10 business days. However, the more complex appraisal may take long.

We pay out within 10 banking days of the auction, one of the fastest in the industry. Your check can be mailed or picked up at our corporate office.   We also offer payment of your proceeds via Direct Deposit (ACH) or Wire Transfer.

Heavy construction equipment, contractor equipment, trucks, trailers, service trucks, pickups, automobiles, as well as small equipment, hand tools, etc.